Supported by major platforms

Installation instructions for vBulletin
(The current version of the vbulletin plugin only shows a comments area at the bottom of the forum home page. Future versions of the plugin will support better integration and customization.)

Tested with vBulletin 4

  1. Get the plugin directly configured for your site.
  2. Go to Plugins & Products -> Manage Products in the admin area dashboard and click Add/Import Product.
  3. Under the section Import Product, choose to upload the XML file from your computer and browse for the file you downloaded from our site. Make sure that option Allow Overwrite is checked. Click Import.
  4. To further configure the plugin, go to Settings -> Options. Look for the settings group named BurnZone Commenting & Forum Settings in the panel at the right side of the page. Select it and click Edit Settings.

Done! Now your readers can enjoy the BurnZone Commenting experience!

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