Supported by major platforms

Installation instructions for TypePad:

  1. Go to Design - Content From your dashboard page, go to DesignContent (the "Content" button can be found on the left sidebar)
  2. In Modules, choose to embed your own HTML In Modules, click Embed your own HTMLAdd this module.
    (Can't find "Content" or "Embed your own HTML"?)
    In case you can't find "Content" or "Embed your own HTML", try one of the following:
    • If you have TweetPad or Chroma Themes go to Design — Custom Sidebar and add the code in Step 4.
    • If you have Advanced Templates, the BurnZone code should be placed in the "Individual Archives Template" in "Design" — "Templates".
    • In case of mixed media layouts, you may use a Notes TypeList for adding the code. In LibraryTypeLists, create a Notes TypeList. Now you should add one item to that TypeList and then paste the BurnZone code in the Note field. In the end, you just have to go to DesignContent and add the TypeList to your site.
  3. In the label area type BurnZone Commenting In the label area type "BurnZone Commenting".
  4. Paste the following code into the HTML area. Set the value of the variable conversait_sitename to the name of the site that you have registered in BurnZone and save.
  5. Click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page.
  6. Click on Custom CSS in the left sidebar and paste the following:
  7. Save your changes and you should be ready to go!
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