Supported by major platforms

Installation instructions for Tumblr:

  1. Click the account button On the dashboard page, click the account button from the top
  2. Choose the website Choose the website where you want the plugin installed from the right sidebar
  3. Click Edit appearance On the new page, click the Edit appearance button
  4. Click Edit theme Once you are on the customization page, click Edit theme
  5. Click Edit HTML Once you are on the edit theme page, click Edit HTML
  6. Paste the modified code here Now you will have to place the code below at the bottom of the post template. Paste it just above the closing </div> and {/block:PermalinkPage} tags that end posts. (on most themes, this happens just before {block:Pagination} starts).
  7. Set the value of conversait_sitename to the name of the site that you have registered in Burnzone
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