Frequently Asked Questions

BurnZone provides real-time commenting and forums that are integrated with unique features built to increase engagement, traffic and revenue for website communities.

Our features!
This is a GAME CHANGER as user generated content is the key to building a great community. Our features promote and motivate increased contribution from users. Our features include:
• YOLOs: make virtual bets with specific users or the entire community and risk winning or losing points.
• Reputation Point System: users earn points for positive contribution. Our unique feature set inspires users to care about their standing in your community.
• Questions: propose a question and offer points to the best answer by adding a “?” in the commenting area.
• Challenges: dispute comments in a user vs user platform. Points are awarded by the community to each user to determine the winner.
• Ignite Premium: reward users for outstanding content by highlighting the comment as “Burning” and award both users 30 days of premium features. Learn more here.
• Competitions: Create a community competition for users to compete during a specified time to win a prize.
• Promote: use points to promote a comment to remain at the top of the thread.
• Leaderboard: Users that receive points for positive contribution are featured on your leaderboard.
• Badges: are earned for positive contribution in the community.Badges are configured in the admin portal and are customizable for each community.
• Social Share: earn points by recruiting Facebook friends and Twitter followers to conversations by simply clicking the Share link and selecting the appropriate icon.
*See these features in our DEMO or Forum

Unified commenting and forums!
Comments under articles and threads created in the forum are now linked together creating a cohesive community for users to post content under a single profile. Article threads can be auto populated in the forum and each thread has a unique url. Our commenting and forum platforms can also exist independently on your site.

BurnZone is Free! It comes with Unlimited Traffic, Users, Multiple Admin, Spam Protection and No Ads.
We do offer a free 30-day trial of our premium features package which comes with Private Forums, YOLOs, Subtle Branding, Customizable Links & Colors and Custom Email Addresses.

Ignite Premium is our user reward program that gives premium features to enhance user experience. Revenue generated by your users that use Ignite premium are split with you.
Our features generate more traffic and page views on your site bringing more revenue through your ads.

Simply go to our Get Burnzone page and create your account or click on the applicable platform plugin and follow the install instructions. If you have any question or issues find answers in our Forum or contact us directly for assistance

Our Custom Code can be used on any site. We also have plugins for the following:
Coming soon: drupal, squarespace, wix,, jekyll, Kirby cms
*If you would like us to create a plugin for a platform not listed please contact us.

Android Phones & Tablets that run OS version 2.3 and above.
Any Android OS that can support the Mobile or Tablet Chrome app v35+ & mobile FireFox app v31+.
Iphones 4, 5 & 6 native Safari browser as well as the above stated Chrome & FireFox App.

We support Chrome 32+, IE 9+ (IE 8 mostly works as well with a few bugs), FireFox v31+ and Safari 6.2+.

We support importing comments from the Wordpress Database directly. Just install our Wordpress plugin and select to import all the comments. If you have more than 50,000 comments to import please export them and send us the file and we can import it from our servers to prevent the browser from timing out during the import process. We support custom imports for other comments and forum formats. Please email us with your situation so we can accommodate