BurnZone increases engagement through gamified features

This demo is not fully functioning. Install BZ to get the fully functioning version.

Propose a question to the community and offer points to the best answer by adding a “?” in the commenting area.
The Challenge link enables users to dispute comments in a user vs user platform. Points are awarded by the community to each user to determine the winner.
Submit a Yolo to propose a wager by checking the "Submit a Yolo" box. The Yolo feature allows users to propose a wager to specific users or the entire community and risk winning or losing points.
The Ignite Link rewards users for outstanding content by highlighting the comment as “Burning” and awards both users 30 days of premium features.Learn more here

The Burning tab displays all Burning comments that have been Ignited for outstanding content.
Promote comments to remain at the top of the thread by checking the “Promote with” box. Only 3 promoted comments per thread so be sure to offer enough points to ensure your comment is promoted.
Badges are earned for positive contribution in the community. Badges are configured in the admin portal and are customizable for each community.
Users that receive points for positive contribution are featured on your leaderboard. Leaderboards can be configured and customized to community points, badges and competitions.
Create a community competition for users to compete during a specified time to win a prize. Competitions are set up in the admin portal and may be customized for your community.
Recruit Facebook friends and Twitter followers to conversations by simply clicking the Share link and selecting the appropriate icon.