Increase Engagement & Revenue through Gamification

  • Ignite Premium

    Ignite a comment to reward a user for outstanding content. Both users get 30 days of premium features. Learn more here

  • Challenge Users

    Challenge to share an opposing view and let the community respond and vote for the winning side.

  • Ask Questions

    Ask a question and let the community answer and vote for the best response.

  • Promoted

    Highlight comments to the top of the page by promoting with points.

  • Badges

    Customizable status badges for positive participation in the community.

  • Leaderboard

    Our point system highlights and recognizes users who positively contribute to the community.

Increase Revenue

BurnZone shares revenue with it’s partners

Gamification increases your traffic and profits from your ads but also generates additional revenue through our “Ignited Premium” features.

Ignite Premium is our user reward program that gives premium features to enhance user experience. We share a percentage of this revenue with our partners. Learn more here


Increase traffic through notifying users when there is updated activity.

  • Platform Notifications signal to users when new content is available.

  • Email Notifications are sent both immediately and in daily digest form to pull users back to the platform.


*Quantify your conversations. Measure conversation impact on your business with industry leading analytics.

* coming soon

Social Media

Only Platform with Social Media integrations for both moderators and commenters.

  • Share conversations & comments

  • Streamline log-in with Social Integrations.

All the Basics

Real Time

  • New comments Appear Immediately
  • Get immediate feedback
  • Participate in conversations as they happen


  • *Block Spam
  • Approve New or All Users comments
  • Delete Comments
  • Users Flag comments
  • Block Users from Posting

Cloud Hosted

  • Will not increase your hosting costs
  • Reliable
  • Lightning fast response time


Sites can integrate BurnZone commenting with their existing user base so users don't have to create a new, separate account.


  • Beautiful Light and Dark Themes
  • Customize Look and feel to blend to your site
  • Mobile Optimized UI
  • Can’t Break Our Code Base

Easy To Install

  • Works by just installing a plugin
  • Guides for every major platform
  • Quick tutorial for custom built sites